Louis Theroux; Where to go?

The past few instalments from the franchise of Louis Theroux have been somewhat off the mark, his tact has become more judgemental and opinionated and the subjects seem a little obvious. I wonder if this is apersonal affliction I have with the programmes as I grew up loving his Weird Weekends series, even going to the lengths of reading the book. Now I am older and a little wiser perhaps the subjects I then found fascinating are actually a little too cliché.

With so much focus on America this judgemental angle results in the show becoming almost a fun poking at the USA and its society, pointing out how the British system is the correct and right way. Louis could be seen as doing the job of Morgan Spurlock and Michael Moore but from a questionable angle which doesn’t involve his own culture. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thelma and Louise

Directed by Ridley Scott this seminal road movie tells the story of two women living outside the conventions defined for them. The characters are easy to empathise with as we see them both in the familiar settings of uninspiring lives. Thelma is a housewife living under the rule of her baseball obsessed husband, taking whatever insults he gives and fulfilling his every demand. The first thing we hear him say to her is ‘God damn it Thelma, what did I tell you about hollering like that’ whilst she is assisting him. Although Louise is somewhat more independent and in a trusting relationship with one of the only two respectable men in the film she is still fulfilling the stereotype of a hum drum lifestyle, working in a hectic diner, serving greasy food.

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