One Month to go

on June 8, 2011

I’ve found in myself recently, as my journey is coming ever closer, a change of mentality and attitude. I am finding myself very frustrated at my ability to have been in one place, my home country, for the last five years, without having a strong enough desire to do anything, to actually get it done. This in itself seems like a signifyer that I am doing the right thing and I’m becoming obsessive in researching different places around the world just to offset the mundaneness of the life that until now I was reasonably content with. now more than ever I am believing in the mentality of ‘stop moaning about it and do something about it’. 

I have just read Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding and I feel so at one with all the feelings and desires he describes for the lone traveller. the dismissal of convention and embracing of adventure. The downside of this is that in my mind I am already in a new phase of my life whilst at present my body lingers in the old routine, which inevitably provides a large amount of detachment from reality.

At least I know this next month will be gone before I know it so I should cherish the goodbyes with the many people I will inevitably never see again.

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